Friday, June 13, 2014

Assembling a Wedding Brooch

Weddings are often one of the biggest moments in any couple’s life. If you’re in the spotlight, you will want to have some memento of the big day, like a special brooch to add to your dress or the entire entourage’s attire. When the wedding is several months down the road, you can take some time to get that special item ready.

The overall design of the brooch may be something that symbolizes your relationship and the commitment you are about to make. As such, the stones you pick for it should more or less match the same motifs as the wedding. The foundation of the brooch can be a small metal plate with a flat surface and has enough space to accommodate the entire design. List down the required gemstones and support tools as you make the design then order them.

Brooches are commonly fashioned around a central piece or formation with other satellite items gradually put outward. The Swarovski crystal you use must be big enough to place comfortably at the center of the foundation, but must not overpower everything else. Place the design sheet you made nearby as a guide, but do not rush the placement; you can enlist select friends to make other copies.  

A well-designed wedding brooch will be worth it for remembering that special day. Like your diamond engagement ring, the crystals should shine bright too.

Sparkling Centerpieces with Swarovski Rhinestones

Whether you’re having a simple dinner party at home or holding your wedding reception, you may always be challenged with finding the perfect centerpiece. If you want a one-of-a-kind, eye-catching d├ęcor, why not try these centerpiece crafts with hotfix Swarovski rhinestones?

Swarovski Soiree
Centerpieces with a soiree of Swarovski rhinestones can definitely dazzle guests. Coat recycled wine bottles or other glass wares in jewels, and voila! You have a statement dinner accessory! You can also wrap any other plain centerpiece in satin ribbon fastened by an elegant Swarovski studded brooch.

Floral Festival
With some sparkle, the usual flower centerpiece can become a floral festival. Decorate the bottom, top, or center segment of a vase with Swarovski crystals for instant glam. Alternatively, wrap colorful flowers in cloth studded with white or silver crystals, and arrange them on a clear vase.

Lantern Limelight
Instead of simple votive holders or candelabras, put candles in decorated jars to make limelight-worthy lanterns. Get some clean, empty jars, and arrange rhinestones around the lid. You can also cover the jars in translucent, colored papers so that the candles shine in different colors.

Fruit Fete

Classic fruit centerpieces can be transformed into a whimsical fruit fest. Take a bowl, tiered cupcake stand, or cake platter, and embellish the edges with rhinestones. Choose rhinestone colors that easily complement the fruits you’ll be using, like rich blue hues for yellow citrus fruits and charming emerald shades for red fruits.