Friday, March 21, 2014

Embellishing Clothes with Rhinestones

Diamond simulants like rhinestones and crystal beads are commonly used to decorate and enhance a number of items, including clothes and fashion accessories. These materials are easily accessible and can be used more than once. While popular products among mass manufacturers, rhinestones can also be purchased for personal projects, one of which is to embellish clothes.

The most common way to attach rhinestones to clothes is by using a special glue that allows the crystals to bond with fabric. The right amount of glue has to be applied to the rhinestone before it can be set on cloth. Handling tiny rhinestones is best done with the use of tweezers. Many rhinestone products come with heat-sensitive adhesive at the back, which makes attaching the beads to clothes much easier. This kind of attachment has to be done with care, however, as too much heat can damage the rhinestones. The lowest temperature setting in an iron should be used.

Some beads also come with holes through which the beads can be sewn onto a fabric or similar material. While this method can take more time and effort than others, it can also ensure a more secure attachment.

Adding rhinestones to clothes is a surefire way of making a garment more attractive and eye-catching, especially for those with a flair for crafts and design. To achieve the best possible results and preserve the quality of the rhinestones, the attachment has to be done with care. 

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