Monday, March 24, 2014

How to Make a Beaded Bracelet with a Clasp

Crafting the perfect-looking bracelet could make for an exquisite gift with that nice, personal touch. However, you should know that creating such a work of art involves a lot more than just piling on a bunch of crystal beads and rhinestones on a string. To start with, here are a few basic tips on how to make a beaded bracelet with a clasp.


Make sure that you choose sturdy beads, in your own choice of colors, size, and design. For a bracelet though, look into beads ranging from 4mm-8mm. The beading string should also be strong enough to last, like a nice, medium weight nylon string. The clasp can be any design, really, as long as it’s one meant for single strand jewelry.

Clasp and Beads

The first thing to do is to cut your string to the desired length and tie one end to the clasp, preferably using a surgeon’s knot. Now it’s time to insert the beads. As you go on adding beads, make sure to periodically wrap it around your wrist to find out if it’s tight enough.


Use the loose end of the beading string to thread the other half of the clasp, cutting the string only if it already fits your wrist right. Leave a little flexing room by keeping a little bit of space in between the last bead and the end of the clasp.

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