Thursday, March 27, 2014

Swarovski Rhinestones Colors and Meanings

Using the meaning of colors can be one way to choose jewelry gifts for special people. The color may symbolize your feelings toward that someone. Alternatively, the color can represent the dominant traits you see (or wish to see) on that person. Let these basic color meanings guide you in choosing Swarovski rhinestones:

Instead of somber tones, black jewelry actually represents resilience and power. The classic monotone also denotes elegance in its bold, dramatic presence.

Perfectly depicting love and romance, fiery hues symbolize passion and courage. Red has always been a classic choice for occasions like Valentine's Day. The energetic red also worthily represents vigorous life, fortune and confidence.

Suitable to bubbly people, the bright, sunny yellow is closely associated to optimism, success, and happiness. Golden or pastel yellow dyes are also linked to hope in overcoming obstacles, creativity and individuality.

Similar to red, pink represents love but in the softer, more caring aspects. Instead of passion, pink nurtures compassion. The carnation color illustrates beauty, tenderness and extreme kindness, as well.

As the color of nature, green brings prosperity, healing and harmony. The emerald tones additionally represent understanding, humility, and generosity in the most genuine people.

The sky and sea's blue color radiates tranquility, truth, and inspiration. Blue is also symbolic of communication and loyalty that are substantial to any relationship. The color inspires earnest and reliable characteristics in the most admirable people.

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