Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A Look at Other Uses for Rhinestones

Rhinestones have always been known for their decorative worth. These low-cost crystals can easily be bought in sets from an arts store and used for personal projects. While appropriate for decorating clothing and accessories, rhinestones may also be used in other ways, such as greeting card designs or designs for fingernails.

Rhinestones in Cards

Most rhinestones and other hot fix crystals have certain amounts of adhesive on them, perfect for sticking to paper and cardboard. Whether one uses it as a greeting card or as invitations, these beautiful stones can brighten any illustrated design. A tip for using rhinestones for cards: before sticking the stones, position them first on the card design. From there, determine if the crystals would indeed look good on the card, then if you like what you see, you can proceed with carefully placing the stones.

Rhinestone Fingernails

Some girls see rhinestones not only as clothing designs but also as a means of enhancing their fingernails. Several options and designs can be made with nail polish and rhinestones, ranging from letters, to shapes, to simple crystal patterns that can make any fingernail sparkle. The technique is to apply solid colored nail polish first, carefully pressing the rhinestones onto the fingernails, and finishing with a coat of clear nail polish.


Overall, it can be said that rhinestones can make any project look beautiful. The options for using these stones are only limited to one's imagination.

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