Friday, April 25, 2014

Mixing and Matching with Swarovski Rhinestones

Of the various jewelry materials available to craft jewelers everywhere, Swarovski crystals are perhaps the most popular of them all. Swarovski crystals are all cut using a patented technique invented by Daniel Swarovski, giving them a charming and timeless appearance. There’s also the distinct sheen that each Swarovski piece exudes, which is something other rhinestones can’t just do.

Swarovski’s line of rhinestones actually comes in different types, each suited for the needs of the jewelers and designers using them. Flat-back types are designed to be attached using hot glue, while Hot Fix varieties already have adhesives on them so that hobbyists simply have to heat them. The company also has sew-on rhinestones that, as their name implies, can be sewn together or on cloth.

Craft jewelers and designers are free to mix and match their use of Swarovski’s full range of rhinestones for full effect. Whether you are making a piece of jewelry, a fancy costume, a new fingernail design, or even a gem-laden luxury car, Swarovski has the right rhinestone for you. The company’s versatile product range makes it a favorite among many hobbyists and fashion designers. If you’re in need of a little sparkle in your craft project, consider using Swarovski’s rhinestones.

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