Thursday, June 5, 2014

Applying Rhinestone Appliques to Dance Costumes

Competitive dancers are lucky to get themselves regularly dressed in fancy costumes, often decorated with rhinestone appliques. Technically, costumes impact the scores in dance competitors, even as their contribution may be indirect.

As an example, the Legacy Dance Championships, which is a renowned dance competition, allot 10% of a participant’s total score to appearance. To spruce up dance costumes and get the most of that important 10%, rhinestones are dancers’ best bet. Here’s how one can use them effectively.

One would need a sketch or any other rendering of the costume design, which would show the intended placement of the rhinestones. Specifics like sizes and colors should also be represented in the rendering to avoid confusion. After outlining this “plan-of-action”, it is time to get the rhinestones on the costume itself.

To make the rhinestones stick, craft glue is ideal. It is not advisable to use gem tack or other cheap glues because they cannot guarantee long-lasting attachment of the jewels. One particular glue brand called the E6000 is preferred, primarily because its hold is pretty permanent once fully dried. To apply the exact amount of glue and avoid messing up the costume, the use of small syringes is recommended.

Focus is key in the successful attachment of rhinestones, as originally designed. When this is achieved, the costumes can enhance and highlight the fluid and graceful motions of the dancers, and give them a better chance at winning. 

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