Monday, June 9, 2014

Make Your Own Swarovski Crystal Beads Jewelry

High-quality Swarovski crystal beads are very popular among jewelers because these stones shine beautifully and are easy to work with. A wedding gown or an evening dress bedecked with these stones, could be further enhanced with a matching necklace or bracelet. Instead of going to a professional jeweler for this, you can make your own jewelry with some basic tools and stringing knowhow.

For bracelets, you’ll need jump rings, a 4-loop slide lock clasp, beading wires, a pair of chain-nose pliers, and an assortment of crystals. Start by picking a jump ring and opening it using the pliers; you’ll be doing this for all of the jump rings. Next, pick the clasp, take it apart, and insert the now-open jump ring to one loop in the clasp. Fill the rest of the loops with jump rings this way.

Next, string your beads with a beading wire; use crimp beads first, then the Swarovski beads. It’s best if your Swarovski beads are 4mm or 6mm in diameter. Attach the wire to one jump ring, crimp bead first, until you’re done with all rings.
For necklaces, you only need to follow the same instructions, although you may want to put great care on how you restring them. For a multi-stranded necklace, remember to space out your beads evenly so that each strand will meld perfectly with the other strand once they’re strung together.

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