Monday, June 9, 2014

Tips on Choosing Beading Wire

Doing your own beaded jewelry could turn into a fun hobby, or even a nice source of profit. Every project should come with enough foresight and planning though; otherwise the pieces you end up with could be unappealing and quickly fall apart. One of the things you have to know is how to choose the right wire or cord to hold your beads together.

Strand Number

The number of strands that the beading wire contains determines its flexibility, so be sure to look out for this information when checking the label. Generally, the more strands on the wire, the more flexible it is, which means jewelry using this cord will be much less prone to permanently bending or kinking.

Wire Diameter

The thickness of the wire you choose should be just right so that the beads can comfortably fit into it without being too loose or too tight. Wire diameter also tells you how durable or strong the wire is, allowing you to estimate the weight that you could put on it.

Pound Strength

Pound strength is another measure of strength, and it can specifically identify how much weight a strand can carry without breaking. However, the weight of your beads isn’t the only thing that affects the overall durability of your jewelry. Other physical factors, like the amount of natural wearing the material can withstand, will also determine its longevity.

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