Friday, March 28, 2014

Bejewel Anything With Sparkling Swarovski Crystals

Any piece of clothing or fashion accessory, dull and boring as they might seem, still has that “shine” in them waiting to be let out. Put a little bling on anything using Swarovski crystals while following these instructions:
Prepare the materials first. You’ll need the crystals, 2 plastic plates, a pair of tweezers, and some glue. Lastly, choose your item to bejewel and come up with a design. It’s better to start small and simple before gradually going up in terms of difficulty. Simpler designs make laying out the jewels easier for beginners, so take care not to draw up a complicated design if you’re attempting the task for the first time.
Next, pour out the jewels onto a plate and the glue on the other. You don’t want them to mix at this point; otherwise, you’ll have to deal with the troublesome effort of separating the jewels from the glue, more so if it’s already dried up.
Use tweezers in picking up the jewels, dabbing on glue, and placing them on the material to be customized. Get used to using the tweezers firsthand, since picking up the tiny crystals with just your fingertips isn’t easy in the first place.

Also, remember the old adage, “Practice makes perfect”. Add more complex patterns as you go on. This is a craft that requires a lot of patience, so make sure you have them beforehand. Cheers and good luck in your bejeweling!

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