Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Tips for Making Rhinestone-Studded Shirts

Just how popular are rhinestones these days? Step outside and walk around your block, and you will probably come across an individual with rhinestone-studded accessories like bracelets and purses. You will likely encounter someone with a rhinestone-encrusted pair of jeans. Heck, you could even spot a dog wearing a rhinestone-studded collar.

Initially, to a number of people, rhinestones are desperate attempts to look fashionable and hip, but mind you, these shiny elements can actually do more than make one look trendy. In fact, if you have faded shirts that you've been too sentimental to throw away, you can actually make them useful again and, in the process, effectively avoid the “hoarder” tag.

To make your cherished possessions useful again, the first thing to do is to obtain a good supply of rhinestones. Some online stores sell rhinestones in a variety of shapes and colors at affordable prices. The ideal rhinestones to use for clothes are either hot fix or sew-on rhinestones.

Rhinestone designs for shirts can range from slogans to cartoon characters; you can even make your own or download them from the Net. However, be wary of choosing a design with too many details like the ones for Persian rugs as you may not end up with results that you intend to get. Use a cloth chalk to dot the pattern or design.

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